The platform technology now used by Hera Diagnostics was born as part of the dissertation project of Dr. Jesús Seañez under the guidance of Dra. Olivia Barron and Dr. Noel León. As the father of three young girls, Jesus was inspired to create a diagnostic tool for cervical cancer that would improve on the current solution, the Pap smear. As an outdated and uncomfortable modality, the Pap smear doesn’t meet the needs of enough women.

Through his research, Jesus created a tool that is not only reliably accurate, but prioritizes comfortable and convenient health services for female patients. 

Hera’s vision is to create a new generation of cancer screening tools that empowers both doctors and patients. We’re working towards our goal by pairing the power of optical and electrical spectroscopy with sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms. This gives doctors a low-cost cancer screening solution that delivers immediate results, which improves the patient’s experience.