Our Team

Teo Tijerina


Bilingual Spanish/English executive with a career trajectory that spans organizational leadership, business development, marketing, corporate management, entrepreneurship, manufacturing, and innovation. Corporate Manager in Fortune 1000 companies, and founder of for-profit and non-profit ventures. Analytical experience balanced by strong social skills. Builds relationships based on trust and integrity, and an effective and creative problem solver and leader. Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering, Stanford University. Citizenship in both U.S. and Mexico.  Teo is passionate about innovation and delivering value to markets.

Delaney Dunn Dichoso

COO & General Counsel

Delaney Dunn Dichoso’s career background and experience is varied in a multitude of areas including law, business development, strategy, operations, HR, tech, and healthcare. Her legal background has afforded her a broad scope of experience in commercial litigation, transactional matters, and employment law. Her business background has allowed her to sharpen her practical skills around business development, operations, employee management, marketing and sales. With a passion for women’s health initiatives, Delaney combines her strong interpersonal, leadership, and people management skills with her diverse career assets and creative problem-solving abilities to contribute in a variety of complex business situations.

Dr. Jesús Seañez


Dr. Seañez has devoted himself to developing solutions for cancer screening that are more affordable, comfortable, portable, and can provide instantaneous results. He has several years experience managing a team of engineers towards the successful design, development, manufacturing and regulatory approval of Hera’s first product, InstaPap. The solutions designed by Jesus and his team are specifically aimed at reaching women on a global scale. Jesús has a tenacious spirit and a brilliant mind, and he develops relationships with his employees that are based on passion and motivation to change the world.

Marta Hill Gray


Over 30 years working in media, marketing, sponsorship and communications. Marta Hill Gray has worked for companies around the world from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups. She has helped launch new pharmaceutical products, and supported women’s health organizations, non-profit organizations, spokespeople and key opinion leaders to bring innovation and a new lens to initiatives.  A tireless supporter of women, she has testified multiple times at the FDA as an advocate for new treatment options in women’s health, and serves as a board member, advisor and mentor to organizations focused on the advancement of women.

Dr. Noel León


Dr. Noél León is a Tenured and Emeritus Professor at the Tecnológico de Monterrey (ITESM). He obtained his Ph.D in 1976 from TU in Dresden, Germany. A Cuban born researcher who made his career in Mexico and became the Mexican who holds the most patents. Dr. León is an idea specialist and he leads product design strategy and is responsible for Hera’s product roadmap.

Dra. Olivia Barrón


Dra. Olivia Barron is a Professor at Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM). She obtained her Ph.D in 2003 from Tecnológico de Monterrey in Artificial Intelligence, Electronics, and Computer Science. Olivia is responsible for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning design for Hera’s portfolio of solutions

Marco Ramírez Prieto


MSc. Marco Ramírez is a digital systems and robotics engineer with a specialty in intelligent systems. He obtained his Masters degree in 2020 from Tecnológico de Monterrey in TI Management where he has served as an assistant professor since 2015. With several years of experience in medical device development, Marco also has experience in Mexican regulatory processes for the distribution and sale of medical devices.

Yeimi Arreola


MSc. Yeimi Arreola is an Industrial Designer with a Masters in Science, Manufacturing Systems. She has several years of experience in medical device development with a focus in the field of early cancer detection. Yeimi also has experience in Mexican regulatory processes for the distribution and sale of medical devices. A proactive professional, Yeimi is committed to improving quality of life by designing and developing innovative products.

Toni Villa

Director of Communications, Latin America

As a communication strategist, Toni brings to Hera an extensive background of knowledge and experience in branding and positioning for global and local companies. Over the course of her career she has created a comprehensive marketing methodology that leverages business generation for greater social impact. With a particular focus on projects with a cause, especially those related to women, gender equality, inclusion, access to healthcare, public policy and advocacy, Toni is a passionate believer in the power of assertive communication as one of the essential strands in the DNA of modern strategic planning.